Look who is back on the AM band

Jon Blake is returning to FIVEaa after five years doing the breakfast show at Triple M Adelaide.

“Blakey” will be hosting an hour-long show Monday to Thursday from 7pm until 8pm along with some breakfast “stuff” where he plans to “take the piss out of his workmates – and luckily there’s a lot of material,” he joked.

“A lot of people say they don’t know what to expect from me, which is good because I don’t either,” Blakey told radioinfo.

Blakey, who celebrated 40 years in radio this year, first started in 1976 as a 19 year old at 6KG Kalgoorlie and was there for 18 months.  He was offered a job at 3SR in Shepparton, Victoria and spent 4 years there.  He went on to get a job in 1981 at 2NX in Newcastle,  for 6 years.  At the end of 1987 he was doing breakfast with Stewart Horne and they were offered the breakfast show on 5KA in Adelaide. 
He went through the transition to KAFM and was eventually fired. 
He did breakfast at 102FM for a year before again being fired.
Blakey then did voiceovers for a couple of years until he ended up at FIVEaa doing “silly bits” for Barry Ion’s breakfast show.

Craig Munn FIVEaa Program Director said, “We’re thrilled to have Jon Blake return to FIVEaa where he started in 1995. Having known and worked with Jon for more than 20 years, I truly think the FIVEaa listeners will celebrate the return of Blakey in a new and exciting role for the station.”​

All must be forgiven then on the AM band after Blakey took a swipe at FIVEaa when he went to Triple M comparing his former employer, to a retirement home.

“It’s where old broadcasters go to die,” he quipped.

Not one to shy away from controversy, when radioinfo asked about the potshot he said, “well I am going there to die.

We can’t wait for the wake Blakey.


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