Heidi Will & Woody’s cavity search

It’s always wise to expect the unexpected with US comedian, Kathy Griffin, but the shock-jock redhead took things next level during her chat to Hit92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody this morning … even doing her research for the occasion.

Instigating her own game of ‘shoot, shag or marry,’ Griffin had clearly put some serious thought in to her answers, quickly pinpointing Woody as the object of her Aussie desires.
“I’m definitely going to bang Woody with the man bun!” she said.
“I’d rather marry Will because he’s the sweet one. And Heidi can tape it!”
Putting her two cents forward on friend of the show, Xavier Ellis’ Ordinary Rig training, Griffin decided it was time to step it up from #surprisethighs
“What if we did surprise full-cavity search?”
“You need to step it up to the next level, you can’t just keep doing fries.”
“When I see Will and Woody, I don’t know which cavity I’m going to want to search.”

And she didn’t stop there.
No chat with Kathy Griffin is complete without some Donald Trump references and she well and truly delivered, accusing the US President of trying to prevent her from ever working again.
“I’m going through an emotional crisis, bought on by our accidental President.”



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