Heidi Will & Woody’s Easter hunt for egg donors

As Easter approaches, Heidi, Will and Woody are spreading the word on a topic not many people know about – the huge shortage of female donor eggs.
The trio are on the hunt for these egg donors who, with their gift, can complete the dream of having a family for many Perth couples.
Fertility centre, Concept Fertility in Subiaco has revealed the statistic that only between one and ten women are donating their eggs via the centre each year.
There are hundreds of women on that waiting list.
Heidi’s 38-year-old friend Sharron has been trying for a baby for over 7 years and many other Perth women are in the same boat.
This morning Heidi, Will and Woody spoke to Lauren who is currently 29 weeks pregnant with a donor baby.
A very emotional Lauren said her husband and her wouldn’t be able to have a family without the love and generosity of these amazing women.
Listen to the audio below

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