Heidi, Will & Woody’s Gone in 60 Seconds goes off … finally!

Heidi, Will & Woody’s Gone in 60 Seconds quiz, the white whale, has been plaguing Perth since May and most of 2016, having only gone off once this year … until this morning.
Nothing says ‘Happy Friday’ like winning $10,000 and that is exactly what happened to hit92.9 listener, Kelly from Wattle Grove.
She blazed through the quiz like a woman on a mission, only second guessing herself on the question: What is the name of Beyonce’s sister?
Woody, reading through the answers one by one, made her sweat it out until the last minute, finally calling out the four words every participant wants to hear:
The win comes at a perfect time for Kelly, who today is finishing up her final day at her current job.
“You don’t know what this means to me,” she said.


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