Matt de Groot: “Blame the intern”

It was in May this year an electrician moved to sue Gold Coast radio station 94.1FM in damages for loss and injuries after claiming he received an electric shock from a mixing desk.

Andrew McKinnon was suing the station for $710,700 arguing he was thrown against a wall and left with brain and spinal injuries.
At the time I too claimed to have received an electric shock from a mixing desk but only AFTER I knocked a cup of tea over it.

This morning Nova newsreader Matt de Groot was ‘threatening’ legal action after spilling water on his news desk.

Called into the GM’s office to face the music over $28 thousand dollars damage, half of which Matt was being asked to pay back, totally unaware he was the victim of a Fitzy Stitchy.

Take a look at this video of Nova 969’s GM (with Fitzy in his ear) stitching Matt De Groot up.


           Kim Napier

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