hit92.9 listener Giorgia challenges Hamish & Andy to a game of table tennis…

Heidi, Will & Woody put the call out to Perth listeners to see what it would take to get them out of the house during this bitterly cold Perth winter and into their Anti-Hibernation Party next Wednesday 27th July.
For Giorgia, her request seemed like a long shot.
“I think Hamish and Andy should come and they should play me at table tennis because I genuinely think I can win!”  Giorgia said.
After unsuccessful attempts to put the request in to Hamish & Andy, Heidi, Will & Woody’s studio phone beeped with “1 new voicemail” from Hamish & Andy.
“You’re going down Giorgia!” Hamish & Andy trash-talked.
So it’s official, Hamish and Andy accepted the challenge and there are now two more names added to Heidi, Will & Woody’s Anti-Hibernation guest list.
The boys have talked a big game, so they’re expecting one serious rally next Wednesday at the Anti-Hibernation party with no shortage of professional moves – drop shots, top spin & a lot of trash talk.
Hear the moment Giorgia found out.


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