Hobart radio announcer resigns

Hobart Breakfast Announcer Anna Dare has resigned.
Anna, one-half of the breakfast duo alongside Mick Newell on 7HO FM, recently commented as the pair solicited for their Secret Sound segment “…that it sounded like someone stuck in a conveyor belt at a theme park”.
The comment was made just days after four people lost their lives on the Dreamworld Rapids Ride on the Gold Coast.
Anna was immediately taken off-air and an apology from Grant Broadcasters swiftly followed suggesting the announcer “will be counselled”.

At the time of her suspension Anna headed home to Queensland for a friend’s wedding.
In the meantime, it was reported the station was operating without a “dump button”.
As part of its response to the recent Anna Dare incident, 7HO is now planning to install a delay system in its studios.
Mick Newell is continuing on-air with the show’s producer Steve Segale filling in.

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