HOT FM dominates in Toowoomba

​Radio ratings for the city of Toowoomba in Queensland’s Darling Downs region, have been released for the first time since 2000.
Commercial radio stations in the market are hit music station Hot FM, classic hits and talk stations 4WK and 4GR, and 80s, 90s and now station 4AK.

Hot FM was the station most listened to with 31.0%. ABC Local radio followed with 14.3% and then 4GR with 9.2%.

In breakfast HOT FM dominated with 31.7%, again followed y ABC Local Radio with 16% and Triple J third, with 8.3%.

Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Joan Warner said the Toowoomba radio licence area includes the town of Warwick and is an important agricultural area as well as home to the University of Southern Queensland.
“Commercial radio has been broadcasting in Toowoomba since 1926, so it was one of the first cities in Australia to receive commercial radio services, and we’re happy to see that radio is still going strong as the voice of the local community,” she said.
The survey for Toowoomba involved 1200 respondents and was conducted by Xtra Research to measure audience reach and the radio stations and programs listened to most through the week. 
Ms Warner said the research would help boost the competitiveness of regional radio, which was threatened by increasing cost pressures and competition.
“We want to put the spotlight on regional radio.  More than 200 commercial radio stations provide essential news and entertainment services to people in remote and regional areas across the country, and they do a great job for their listeners,” she said.

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