Hot Tomato to the rescue of jobless dad

When Hot Tomato’s breakfast duo Flan and Emily Jade spotted a man standing near their studios with a sign on a cold Gold Coast morning, they wondered what was happening.

When Emily Jade went over to talk to him, she found out he was an unemployed father of three looking for work.

The pair spoke to him on air and posted his details on the station’s facebook page during the week, asking for anyone who could help him.

The good news is that one of Hot Tomato’s listeners gave him some casual work and wrote him a great reference, saying:

“Hi guys, I have had the pleasure of hiring Shaun the father of 3 you featured a couple of days ago for some landscaping work. I just wanted to say he has been outstanding! Shaun was ready on time and threw himself into every task. He was very very hard working polite and so very positive! I do have some more work for him at a later date and will be hiring him again. I would recommend Shaun highly, he is a great hard worker and deserves a break.”