How deep would you go for Adele?

A Sunshine Beach woman has agreed to be locked in a small room at 92.7 Mix FM Sunshine Coast, listening to the same Adele song, ‘Rolling in the Deep’ 1500 times.  75 hours of non-stop Adele.
48-year-old Evonne Mitchell was dared by her teenage children to make the pledge, in an effort to WIN TWO Gold tickets to see Adele LIVE at The Gabba, this Sunday.
Breakfast duo, Mark and Caroline, who devised the cruel and unusual competition say they were very surprised at the response. ‘We thought no one would commit to more than one full day, one full hour would be enough for most people.  We think Evonne is brave, dedicated and clearly just a little bit crazy,’ said Caroline.
Mark has promised Evonne he will show no mercy, ‘We have told Evonne she will be required to be in the Adele Room from 4am-7pm every day next week, 75 hours of nonstop Adele, and if she walks out midway, she loses the tickets.’
92.7 Mix FM Marketing & Promotions Director, Brooke Bennett says, ‘Evonne will be fed and watered, with appropriate toilet breaks, but she will be completely isolated for 75 hours, with no phone or distractions, she will not be allowed to sleep, and the whole thing will be broadcast via Facebook Live’​

Tune in.

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