How many radio stars can you fit into one studio?

“So many announcers in the one room… it’s like the ACRAs without the drugs…”

What happens when WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda, KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O and Rosso, The Edge 96.ONE’s Mike E and Emma and 2SM’ s John Laws all get together in the one studio? In-jokes, digs at other radio stars and a lot of laughs for anyone who appreciates spontaneous radio.

This morning a caller named Danny rang and had a whinge about ARN’s urban hits The Edge 96.ONE Breakfast host Mike E who he accused of being a “Kyle wannabe”.
A producer went and got Mike E from the studio down the hall and he went into the KIIS studio to confront Danny, taking his co-host Emma Chow.

WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda had just finished their shift too so they decided to get in on the action… then Rosso joined in… and Kyle got his mate John Laws on the phone.

Highlights include Rosso’s apology to John Laws, John asking if ‘The Love God’ was Alan Jones and a few comments about Ray Hadley and Merrick Watts from Kyle. In a veiled reference to his recent adverse ACMA finding, Lawsy called someone a bad name.
After yesterday’s SCA results, there was also a big of a dig from Kyle to 2Day FM for them not being able to join in because their phone lines were cut off after they couldn’t afford the phone bill.


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