Howard Sattler back on air but prognosis is not good

Howard Sattler is back on air after a month of therapeutic leave. He announced four weeks ago he had suffered a stroke but has in fact been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy, the 6PR website says, his loyal listeners and 6PR colleagues are glad to have him back.

Although conceding that the disease is likely to be career-ending, Sattler has vowed to fight it to stay on-air as long as he can.

Wearing an eye patch to make the right side of his brain work harder, Sattler told his audience that the rare disease would eventually force him off the radio, “It could be in a month or two, could be in a year or two, could be five, ten years. Who knows?

“But suffice to say, I’m going to do my best to push back that date as far as possible though intensive voice, neurological and physical therapy.”

His daily Drive shift has been reduced by an hour to run from 4pm – 6pm.

We at radioinfo, along with what we are sure are all our readers, are in Howard Sattler’s corner and wish him courage as he fights this disease.