I feel particularly inadequate as a father… my son was not OK: Ray Hadley on son’s drug arrest

2GB’s Ray Hadley has spoken about his anger and sadness at his son’s arrest on drug charges during a media statement this afternoon.

Police Constable Daniel Hadley was arrested last night on possession of 0.79 of a gram of cocaine worth around $200 after a professional standards investigation by police. He was charged then bailed, and will face court in September.

“I had no idea my son, a respected police officer, would be involved in such a matter.

“I brought Daniel back to my home and my anger turned to shock and sadness… he revealed he’s been having mental health issues for some time,” said Hadley at the media conference.

Ray Hadley said he and his family are very concerned for his son’s welfare and revealed that Daniel Hadley has been admitted to a clinic for treatment. He made no comment on the criminal charges which he said “are a matter for the courts and police.”

“All this time his colleagues and I thought he was coping, but he wasn’t… Daniel accepts responsibility for his behaviour but unfortunately is not in control of his mental health,” said Hadley

“I now know how many parents feel when they think things are okay when they’re not. I feel particularly inadequate as a father and a spokesman for R U OK Day when in fact my son is not ok.”

“My son is not a public figure, but unfortunately for him I am,” said Hadley as he struggled to hold back tears and asked for the media to respect the family’s privacy. He does not intend to make any more public statements on the matter on air or elsewhere.


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