“I just need a big rest”: Jay-Jay Feeney departs More FM

After a 33 year radio career that started when she was just 15, More FM’s Jay-Jay Feeney is listening to an inner voice and hanging up the headphones, for now.

Feeney has won The Sir Paul Holmes Broadcaster of the Year award and received a New Zealand Radio Award for Outstanding Contribution to Radio. Friday July 5 is her last day on Drive with co-host Flynny.

Feeney says she isn’t sure yet what’s next:

“I have a few thoughts and ideas, but I’m yet to decide what will be my next ‘thing’.

When I come back I will spend a bit more time finding myself again. I will keep you up to date regularly, so this isn’t the end of me. It’s just the end of me on the radio for now.”


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