Vale Judith Whelan

Judith Whelan has died after a long battle with cancer. Whelan joined the ABC in 2016 becoming its Editorial Director in 2022. Prior to that she worked for Fairfax Media for 12 years; as News Director, Good Weekend editor and as one of the three women who have been editors of the Sydney Morning Herald in the publication’s history.

ABC Managing Director David Anderson paid tribute to Whelan, saying:

“Judith was a terrific colleague and friend, caring deeply about the people she worked with and meeting every challenge with warmth, compassion and wit.

Judith always had the instincts that made her such a formidable journalist. She carried with her a commitment to truth and accountability and instilled these values in those who worked with her.

A valued mentor to younger journalists, Judith nurtured while leading by example. Judith was tough but caring and wanted those around her to succeed. Young reporters knew Judith would champion their work if the story needed to be told.”


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