I’m getting a bit croaky… this show won’t be returning: Myf Warhurst

Myf Warhurst went through her whole show on Friday before revealing to her audience that she would not be returning to ABC local radio next year.

There were some hints that something was wrong when she began the show by asking for requests that listeners needed to hear today, then played a request for herself titled Ball of Confusion.

Through the show she told isteners this was her last show for the year, but it wasn’t until the very end of the show that she revealed it was her last show ever.

In her final voice break, Warhurst said: “The show won’t be returning next year. I’ve got to tell you, I’m getting a bit croaky… what a wonderful experience this has been… it’s been a privilege to be in your lives for two years.

“Thank you, I’ll miss you terribly, it’s been a wild ride, but worth every minute. I’m going to see you soon…”

ABC Radio will announce its new on air teams for 2020 next week. See our followup report.




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