Radio Adelaide is fighting to keep the doors open

Community broadcaster, Radio Adelaide, has begun a campaign and last ditch stand to save the station from closure in January 2020.
Save Radio Adelaide is seeking an urgent influx of $50,000 to fill a shortfall in funding that will allow them to keep the doors open until mid-2020 when financial partnerships with organisations such as the Community Media Training Organisation, will come into effect.
In 2020 in conjunction with the CMTO, Radio Adelaide will deliver accredited media courses for secondary students in South Australian high schools, and in partnership with SA Community Broadcasting Association, they will train and equip students in local and regional schools to make their own radio programs and tell their stories.
Radio Adelaide has established a podcast-production service called Podcast Works, which already boasts clients including the City of Adelaide, UniSA, Kelly Services, Adelaide Central Market and the University of Adelaide, and presents substantial opportunity for further growth and more South Australian stories.
The station recently achieved charitable status which will allow them to pursue more grants and philanthropic support.

The station was Australia’s first community radio station, established in 1972 by the University of Adelaide, following a $100,000 grant from benefactor Kenneth Stirling.
When the University cut ties with the station in 2018, they were forced to become a completely independent, not for profit organisation with new management, community membership and a new community-elected board.
While the immediate aim is to raise $50,000, Radio Adelaide says their stretch goal of $100,000 will allow them to implement plans to build upon station strengths and create a modern, dynamic voice for Adelaide and arts, music and ideas, and to

  • Develop strategic partnerships with South Australian organisations committed to supporting Adelaide arts, music and ideas.
  • Expand our industry-leading radio and podcast production training into secondary schools and train young creatives and storytellers.
  • Build on the growth of our Podcast Works podcast-production arm and bring you more original Adelaide podcasts.

In 2015, the University of Adelaide cut the station lose from its ownership and in 2016 the ACMA approved a licence transfer to a new community group. Radio Adelaide moved into the Fresh FM building and appointed new staff, but they were axed after not enough funds were raised to keep the station going at that level.

The station also had a hiccup regarding its name when ABC Local Radio changed the names of its radio stations. Funding has continued to be tight for the station since the changes in 2015.

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