I’m relaxed and through the anger and drama: Chris Smith

After working in media for about 40 years, Chris Smith is enjoying his unexpected time off and is exploring new opportunities in TV and radio.
The former 2GB afternoon presenter told Michael Smith (no relation), “it seems really strange to not work, but I am loving life, I’m relaxed and through the anger and drama.”
“I’m looking at other projects, writing a book, still doing stuff with Channel 7 and Sky News, and I’m talking to another radio stations next week about a new project,” said Smith.
He told Michael Smith that he saw first hand how heartbreaking his removal from the program was for his loyal listeners.
“I was on this cruise with 100 listeners, I told them on the first night at our welcome drinks… and I saw first hand how upset they were… after about 4 days they got over it and we went on with our holiday…
“You nurture something like a baby, you think you’ve nailed it it’s taken away from you, that will always be hurtful, but I’m through the process now.”
Listen to the interview below.



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