Imagine you’re the host of a family breakfast show when something goes horribly wrong…

Last week In Adelaide, Jodie Oddy was live on-air doing her “celebrity secrets” segment on Mix102.3.

As the pre-recorded  segment went to air she was horrified to hear it riddled with the nastiest of swear words. Not that she’s a prude but she knew it would be unacceptable to an audience that included parents with children on their way to school.

She had no idea that the audience was listening to another song while her co-host Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom lined up an assortment of audio clips with expletives that sounded as if they were “accidentally” played out to her listeners.

Jodie’s reaction is priceless as the audio technician pretends to scramble for a song to play while Jodie profusely apologises to her listeners.

She described it as the worst five minutes of her career and thought she was going to be fired for sure, never realising during the whole 10 minutes that she was being pranked.


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