Game Changers: Radio. Andy Lee

Andy Lee is a game changer. He talks to talent coach, Craig Bruce.

Alongside Hamish Blake (and producer Sam Cavanagh), he is half of the most successful show on FM in Australian radio history, Hamish & Andy.

Hamish and Andy started as a development show on Fox in 2001, and over the next four years refined their act on late nights and weekends before moving into the national drive slot on the Today network in 2006. Their ratings were astronomical. Highlights included 25 per cent of the Melbourne Drive market and a national audience of more than 2 million. With ground breaking ideas – like the Caravan of Courage and the Tall Ships Adventure – Hamish and Andy established themselves as more than just a radio show: they are one of the most potent media brands in Australia.

They have announced 2017 will be their last year on radio.

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