Influencing is a hallmark of success: Merrick and Rosso on Gamechangers

“If you’ve good enough for long enough to influence others then you’ve done well… that is absolutely the case with Merrick and Rosso.”
Gamechangers Radio’s Craig Bruce chats to Merrick and Rosso during his latest podcast, making the point that so many people he has interviewed for the series have said they were inspired by the pair.

“What’s interesting is that we were only on The Js for only a couple of years but people still come up to us and quote something [we said]… the reach of triple j particularly was immense…”

The pair immediately slipped into character, cracking jokes at Craig Bruce’s expense and taking the piss out of him.

“I think this is fantastic that Craig thought he would be speaking to two mature Merrick and Rossos, and it’s already disintegrated… it’s a default for us… as soon as somebody else starts talking both of are going ‘how can I fuck this up’…”

The pair talked about being on the road doing comedy, how their triple j radio show began after a big drunken night in Melbourne, and their time as Nova’s inaugural breakfast team.

“As a pair of comedians you have to have a level of trust between yourselves…” The pair did not do extensive preparation, but had the ability to keep the balls in the air by throwing jokes between each other.


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