Jared Leto hits on 2Day FM’s Sophie Monk

Jared Leto and Sophie Monk kicked it off on 2Day FM’s Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B this morning. After several compliments from a love-struck Sophie, the Oscar-winning actor and singer told her that he liked her “hot” voice before inviting her to one of his shows, where she said she planned to take things up a level.

When Merrick offered to “be the fat guy that carries Sophie on my shoulders so you [Jared] can see her”, Sophie replied “No Merrick! I’ve already chosen my role. I’m going to make out with him!”

Jared also discussed his band 30 Seconds to Mars and hinted that their success means more to him than his recent Oscar win.
“I’m grateful…you know, it’s not just the Oscar that you get, you have a chance to stand on stage in front of the world and to say something about the people that have believed in you.”

30 Seconds to Mars are playing at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Saturday 29th March before continuing onto Brisbane.