Jase dr-a-a-a-gs out naming new co-host

Last week, Jase Hawkins and a slew of promos on the KIIS101.1 Breakfast Show promised to reveal the name of his new co-host to replace the departing Polly P.J. Harding.

Well, Friday came and went and we’re still none the wiser. Well, maybe a little. There’s a list, of sorts, on Jase & PJ’s facebook page of the people that have been considered for the role.

On Friday, Jase told his listeners, “Rather than just saying the name and bringing them into the studio, I’d rather do the good commercial radio thing and dra-a-a-ag this out as much as I can.”

Instead, said the station website: We’re playing a big game of Co-Host Who? to find out who will be joining Jase for the new KIIS breakfast show! 

You can hear how the game works and the first few names ticked off below…

If it seems strange that a station would promote a name-reveal for a specific day and then switch to a guessing contest, then remember that we live in strange times. We hear that the delay is likely to do with covid related lockdowns and border restrictions.


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