Jase & PJ’s epic Sizzler sojourn

It’s no secret that Jase absolutely loves Sizzler, from the famous cheese toast to its endless salad and dessert bar he can’t get enough

So, he was shocked to hear that his co-host PJ had never, ever stepped foot inside.

Keen to show PJ just what she had been missing all this time, what started as a fun idea quickly turned into a plan as Jase & PJ decided to embark on an epic 9-hour road trip from the KIIS Melbourne studio to Sizzler in Campbelltown NSW.
The one small problem they had was that they needed to be back on air in Melbourne on Friday at 6am, so they only had one hour to eat their way through the Sizzler menu before hitting the road back to Melbourne.
Challenge accepted, and the road trip was full of fun, including a drive-by pizza delivery because of the super tight time schedule.
The only question left to answer was how much weight they put on after just one hour at Sizzler.
Check out the video for the answer.