Joel Grealy – funeral details announced

Funeral details for Joel (John) Grealy who passed away last thursday have been published.

Joel worked on air and in production at 2BE Bega, 2WL Wollongong, 2CC Canberra and 7BU Tasmania.

Trevor Sinclair posted this memory of Joel on Facebook:

Today we lost a dear friend and former Radio/TV colleague, Joel (John) Grealy. Whilst I was doing Nights on 2CC and hosting “Connections” on CTC7 in Canberra, he was working on sound/promos for us. This was a friendship of some 37 years.

Some of you may remember him from TV News in Wagga Wagga, others from his days at 2BE and the old 2OO and 2WL in Wollongong, and some from ARNSAT and SkyRadio. Nobody could forget his sense of humour nor self-efficacy.”

We will update this report with more details when they are known