Streaming services compliment radio

A report by Bridge Ratings Media Research in Canada has revealed how music streaming can act to compliment radio stations. 

The report compares radio station’s playlists to the songs that their audience are consuming on streaming serves in a week.

The theory behind the research was that most people will listen to a wide variety of genres, spanning over a long period of time. Therefore, with the playlists on the heavily consumed “Top 40 stations” remaining current and narrow, the majority of their audience’s streamed music isn’t played on the station. 

The theory was proved true with most stations having an average of only 5% of their playlist that aligned with the songs their audience streamed. 

The exception were classic rock stations as they have a wider range of songs on a lower rotation. Their overlap was 37.4%

The report states that this is a good thing for radio as it shows that people are happy to hear the hits on radio, then supplement their musical needs on streaming services. The fact that commercial audience figures are increasing in spite of the report’s numbers means that stations won’t need to change their programming habits.

Read a full report of the study here.


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