Jones racism complaint will proceed

Alan Jones will face a tribunal hearing after 2GB’s attempts to have racism complaints dismissed were unsuccessful.


In 2005 Sam Ekermawi filed a racial vilification complaint against Jones to the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, claiming he vilified Muslims in his coverage of the Cronulla riots.

2GB tried to have the complaint dismissed, claiming that the whole broadcast should have been taken into account, not just the comments highlighted by Ekermawl. 2GB also had several other grounds for requesting the complaint be squashed.

The station failed to have the complaint dismissed, and will now have to face the tribunal to argue its case.

This is not the only such case that Alan Jones has had to face on this issue. He was found guilty of vilifying Muslims in a separate case brought by Keysar Trad, and was the subject of criticism in several reports which reviewed the causes of the Cronulla riots.

Comments such as “Leb and wog bashing day”, “Middle Eastern bastards” and “scum” were some of the offensive phrases quoted in these claims. Jones also read out text messages from listeners such as “come to Cronulla this weekend to get revenge.”

Jones, however, disputes that he was to blame for the so called Cronulla riots, and recently replayed other comments where he urged people not to take the law into their own hands. His comments included: “We don’t want that, we don’t want to play that tactic… let the police do their job, we don’t want vigilante groups,” were some of the grabs from Jones which demonstrated that he was against violent action.”
When the tribunal hears the case, 2GB will presumably use those excerpts to argue that the negative phrases were taken out of context.
To prove racial vilification it is not enough to show that comments were offensive against a particular racial group, they must show that there was incitement to take some kind of action.