Jonesy, Amanda & Shannon Noll lend a helping hand

WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda have unveiled a brand new advertising campaign they created with the help of  ARIA award winner, Shannon Noll,  for a listener’s landscaping business as part of their regular In a Jam segment.

WSFM listener Lauren contacted Jonesy & Amanda to see if they could help out her friends Claire and Ben.
The couple have a 1-year-old daughter, Emily, who requires full time care following complications during her birth which left her with a brain injury.
Emily’s motor skills are severely affected and the full extent of her impairment is still unknown. She has endured more hospitalisations in her first year of life than most of us will ever experience.
Claire had to give up her job to look after Emily full time, so Ben is working really hard to pay all of the medical bills as well as the running of the household.
Ben has his own business, New Leaf Landscapes in Berowra.
Lauren asked Jonesy & Amanda if they could give Ben’s business a plug on air… But Jonesy & Amanda went one better and enlisted the help Shannon Noll to create and sing a new jingle for New Leaf Landscapes and Ben will receive a $5000 advertising package on WSFM.

Take a listen:


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