Jonesy and Amanda go mining

It must have been an interesting few weeks for WSFM’s Brendan Jones and Amanda Keller as they have watched the Kyle and Jackie juggernaut roll into ARN headquarters at North Ryde.

Now, to get some focus and market attention back on two of the nicest people in the business, WSFM have put together a “chance to win a million dollars” competition for Survey 1, 2014.

Nothing particularly new in the idea and basic mechanic but a new twist on the packaging is very clever.

In a nifty bit of integration, the station is partnering with the NSW Mineral Council for the “WSFM Million Dollar Mine”.

Listeners to Jonesy & Amanda in the Morning’ can register as a Classic Hits miner on the WSFM website – to be in the running. Then listen for their chance to be in the final draw.

The contest will wind up with an outside broadcast on Friday February 28, when Jonesy and Amanda will travel to a Hunter Valley mine with the winning listener. That person will get the chance to choose 1 out of 101 specially marked toy Tonka trucks. If they choose the correct truck they win the million dollars. 

Going into their ninth year on air together, Jonesy & Amanda are looking forward to giving away a chance to win a million.  “How many people haven’t had that split-second thought about going to work in the mines to save up some cash at some point in their lives?” says Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones. “But thanks to our Million Dollar Mine, you can get the pay check without the hard labour!”

Following a similar million dollar competition last year, Jonesy and Amanda went to number one FM in that survey. They’re hoping to do the same again this year.

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