Tinderella hoping to find her Prince Charming

Get your iPhones at the ready boys, Sophie Monk has officially joined popular dating app Tinder in a quest to find a new man.

On Jules, Merrick & Sophie with Mel B this morning, the single blonde bombshell proclaimed that she hasn’t found any friends or anyone to hook up with since moving back to Sydney for her full-time gig on 2DayFM breakfast.

The show producers decided to create a profile for Sophie and appointed Merrick as her Tinder ‘account manager’. Sophie has been busily ‘swiping right’ ever since and now has over 100 ‘conversations’ going.

With such a great response, the Tinderella segment looks like it will continue on the show with Sophie saying she wants to keep using it.

Sophie: They’ve [show producers] noticed that I’ve moved here and got no friends… and no-one to hook up with really, let’s get to the point (laughs), so they set up this account and it’s Tinder. Have you heard of Tinder?

Jules: Yeah, it’s the match-making app and it uses geo-location so you can hook up with people that are nearby. It’s like a singles version of Grinder.

Sophie: Well, to my surprise, like Christmas, they have set up an account for me! …Under my name, Sophie Monk!

Merrick: So Sophie could meet some new friends!

Sophie: Someone kept asking me for ‘selfies’ and I kept sending them to them, not even knowing the number, and they put them all on Tinder. I probably should have checked.

Merrick: Yeah, you’re very popular already Soph!

Sophie: Really?!

Merrick: Yeah, it’s going really, really well. I’m helping the producers here manage the account… There’s a lot of blokes who have taken a lot of interest in Soph, and they have to be vetted. Like an older brother, I’m looking at some of these blokes going you’re not going to make it mate…

Sophie: It’s like my sexy manager!

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