Jono Coleman’s funeral tribute

Jono Coleman’s small funeral, due to covid restrictions, is happening this morning.

You can view the funeral tribute video here.

In a tribute to Jono published iin the Daily Telegraph, lifelong friend Alison Wall recalled how the young Jono found his entertainment mojo in Primary School:

“It seems implausible, almost inconceivable that the perennial jokester and quick wit, Jono Coleman, could once have been so shy and reticent that he couldn’t sleep at night for worrying.

Memorising and reciting poetry was routinely expected in Australian classrooms in the 1960s, as was reading aloud in turn around the room.

Jono found himself in Year 3 in 1965 at Clovelly Public School regularly stammering or blanking when called on to read or recite.
When the class was assigned the task of memorising sections of Macavity the Mystery Cat from T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, Jono was beside himself.

After days of rehearsing, sweating and insomnia, the day of public recitation came. Cheat notes on his hand, Jono started. As soon as he felt the rhythm, as soon as he heard the laughs that were finally with him, not at him, his future milieu became clear. Jono would perform.

Even schoolyard bullies could, he discovered, be disarmed by cartoon voices or takeoffs of the teachers. He was away.”

Full story here (subscription required).


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