Julia sends her best but can’t make the wedding

Fitzy and Wippa spoke with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott this morning about their marriage equality campaign. For Fitzy and Wippa, “this isn’t about marriage equality, it’s simply about equality.”

“We’re proud to support the ‘I Do’ campaign and do whatever we can to bring about equality for all Australians.” 

The boys have discovered a loophole with Commonwealth marriage laws, which will enable them to legitimately host a wedding and marry a same sex couple without going overseas. This morning they spoke with Emperor George who has a micro nation called Atlantium which has been an independent country for 31 years and all the citizens are equal before the law in all respects.

The Prime Minister told Fitzy and Wippa that said she sends her “very best wishes to anyone who is in a joyful loving relationship”, then went on to politely decline attending the wedding, despite not even having the date yet.

Tony Abbott offered to be the best man, although he went on to say “there are some great traditions that we should try to uphold”, and “the important thing is to respect everyone’s opinion”, but he “respectfully disagreed with some people on this one”.

Fitzy and Wippa along with many other Australian entertainers, sporting personalities and politicians among them, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Macpherson, Olivia Newton John, Megan Gale, Guy Pearce and Meshel Tim and Marty have shown their support of this campaign. 

To date twenty nine senators have declared their support for marriage equality, meaning only ten more votes is needed for a Senate majority.

Fitzy and Wippa’s quest to marry a same sex couple continues tomorrow with more special guests weighing in on the subject.


It must be the week for weddings. In Perth, 92.9 is planning to hold Perth’s biggest wedding. See our other story.


Meanwhile, last night Wippa appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s Celebrity Hot Seat, to try and redeem himself after his last terrible effort, where he got a question wrong in the first set. He did a tiny bit better this time, see him here.