Lisa, Paul and Baz vow to throw Perth’s Biggest Wedding

With many couples struggling to pay for weddings and ending up in a mountain of debt after their big day, 92.9’s Lisa, Paul and Baz are coming to the rescue with Perth’s Biggest Wedding.

But instead of marrying just one couple, Lisa, Paul & Baz are upping the ante in a ceremony involving 120 people. 

The mammoth marriage will be a ceremony in which anything goes, from traditional to alternative. Lisa, Paul and Baz want to see a variety of costumes, sizes and a few surprises. 

The breakfast team will wed 60 couples from all walks of life, whether they’ve been together 20 years or just two, or even if they’re same-sex.

“This wedding is going to be great because we’ve organise everything for you,” Lisa said. “The food, transport, entertainment, cake; you just need to rock up with a partner, with what you’re going to wear, and we are going to marry as many people as we can in Perth’s Biggest Wedding.”


Perth’s Biggest Wedding will be held at Mosman’s Restaurant on Friday, 31 August from 6am