Just The Gist with Rosie Waterland on PodcastOne

After the success of her award-winning podcast, My Mum Says My Memoir is a Lie, comedian and author Rosie Waterland is set to launch a new podcast, Just The Gist, which will see her chatting about anything and everything to two of her most hilarious friends, Jacob Stanley and Emily Bishop.
Head of PodcastOne, Grant Tothill, says “We’ve always been big fans of Rosie and are thrilled to have her create a new podcast series for PodcastOne. It’ll be exciting to see where she takes this new narrative, doing what Rosie does best; providing honest and hilarious commentary on any topic.”
The new podcast, as its name suggests, gives listeners just the gist on an unlimited number of topics, just enough information to feel informed without having to delve too deep into the detail.
“Confused about all that Trump-Russia stuff, but don’t want to read a 3000-word article on it? Want to know enough about the latest Marvel movie to get you through a dinner party, but don’t  actually want to watch it? Not super clear on the details of the Titanic sinking? Or the Make Up Vlogger war involving people with ridiculous names like Tati? How about what happened with Anna Nicole Smith, or the Manson Murders, or Henry VIII’s endless wives?” a curious, Waterland asks.
To kick off the series, Rosie decided the best way to start the podcast would be to give listeners just the gist on the one topic she’s closest to being an expert on, reality TV show, The Bachelor.
For the first 12 episodes, every Friday morning, Rosie and her friends Jacob and Emily will recap each week of the new season’s The Bachelor, in all its glory.
The first episode of Just The Gist: Bachelor Edition will be available to download for free from Friday 2 August via the PodcastOne Australia website and app or on Apple Podcasts, and will then continue delivering just the gist on anything and everything long after the Bachie hands out his final rose.




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