Katy Perry taking over Nova

Nova’s Drive announcer Tim Blackwell has an intimate chat with Katy Perry in a special one hour Take Over Nova tonight, Friday 14 November, from 6pm.

A big fan of Netflix, Tim spoke to Katy about her love of movies and revealed her fondness for one of Australia’s favourite mother and daughters.

Katy said, “You know what I did buy in Adelaide, all the seasons of Kath and Kim. I will be going through Kath and Kim episode by episode, that’s my Australian goal. I think that’s a good goal, it’s a high one, big standards.”

Currently in the eighth month of her Prismatic World Tour presented by Telstra Thanks, the Australian leg will see Katy perform 23 shows over six weeks ending just prior to Christmas. Katy is taking the opportunity to put an Aussie spin on the festival season.

Katy said, “I’m probably going to buy some kind of Santa themed bikini. That feels very Australian.”

Katy was delighted with comparisons to P!nk. Katy said, “She is a great standard, she really just stays here and becomes one of you all. That’s what I’m doing, I want to be an honourary Australian. The reason why I am touring so much is the desire is here. By the math, the most important place in my career would be Australia. You guys like me the most.”

During the interview, Katy was quite taken with Tim’s shirt. Tim said, “Katy loved my flamingo shirt so if you see flamingos on stage during the tour – you know that’s my influence!”

In an intimate one hour special, Katy chats in detail about the people involved in her current tour and the logistics behind it, her love of Australia and what she does in her spare time while touring.

To hear the entire interview check out Katy Perry Takes Over Nova, tonight from 6pm to 7pm on the Nova Network. The intimate one on one will be replayed on Saturday 15 November from 6pm.

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