Kennedy Molloy’s emergency warning ‘not a drill’

Hawaiian residents and international tourists were left in a state of panic after receiving an alert stating there was an incoming ballistic missile heading towards the island.  It was a false alarm.

Picking up on the news, Jane Kennedy and Mick Molloy posted their own social media message:

Kennedy Molloy inbound to Australia.
Broadcast from January 22nd.
Seek immediate shelter.
This is not a drill

The message mimicked the style of the Hawaiian alert message.

The civil defence worker who accidentally sent out an ‘ballistic missile threat’ alert to residents and holidaymakers in Hawaii won’t be sacked, reported Triple M news, but he is being put under rigorous retraining along with his colleagues.

Kennedy Molloy will be back on air next week, along with the new sister station Hit Network drive hosts Hughesy and Kate. Rivals Will and Woody on KIIS drive, who are already on air, and Kate Tim and Marty on Nova will ensure that the drive time shift, now without the Hamish and Andy factor in the mix, will be a hotly contested timeslot this year.

The first ratings period for the year begins next Monday.



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