KIIS 1065 lends a hand to young couple before cancer treatment

Kyle & Jackie O received a call from listener Josh who wanted to ask Kyle for a loan.

Nineteen-year-old Josh revealed that his 18-year-old girlfriend Monique was diagnosed with cancer at Christmas, and they have just days to find the money to freeze her eggs before commencing radiation.
Josh said he and his girlfriend, who have been together for three years, want to have children someday but know that treatment for cancer could have a devastating impact on her fertility.
Explaining their situation, Josh revealed he was planning on selling his car and would use the money from that to pay the money back.
“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me or feel like you have to help me,” he said.
Kyle immediately agreed to give Josh the money: “What a stand-up guy you are,” he said to Josh. “Forget about repaying, I couldn’t care less… You’ve got enough stress without worrying about selling your car or paying money back.”

But then the show received a surprise call from Dr Knight from Demeter Fertility heard Josh’s story and offered the couple free IVF services worth $17,000.
“It lifts a dramatic amount of pressure, because it has to be done this Friday,” Josh said.

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