Klotz Digital taken over by UnitedScreens: new business focus

Radio panel supplier KLOTZ DIGITAL has been acquired by UnitedScreens Media. The German company has local representation in Australia and supplies broadcast desks to most of Australia’s major networks. Andreas Gruettner was appointed new CEO of the company this week as the takeover announcement was made.

In an announcement hinting that Klotz may have had some funding troubles, the company says:

“In association with the acquisition, the companies have also entered into agreements securing the future financial support of KLOTZ DIGITAL AG. The agreements are intended to contribute to the long term stabilization of the company, and to insure its further economic growth.”

Andreas Gruettner has been appointed “with the intention to take the company to a new era and direction. He is taking over from Thomas Klotz, who has resigned from his position with immediate effect.”

Asked if the takeover will have an effect on Australia, Communications Manager for Klotz in Germany Daniela Kroboth told radioinfo:

“There are no drastic organisational changes planned in the near future. In the past KLOTZ DIGITAL Asia Pacific (including KLOTZ DIGITAL Malaysia and KLOTZ DIGITAL Australia) generated more than 50% of our turnover and of course we will do everything to support our subsidiary and to help grow and develop their business as much as possible.

“Sales and Service in Europe will be guaranteed via our headquarters in Munich, supported by a tight partner network, which we even want to strengthen.

“Due to the difficult market situation, KLOTZ DIGITAL’s US subsidiary has seen difficult times in the recent past. KLOTZ DIGITAL Audio Systems was reduced to nothing more than a skeleton team, but to stay tuned in to our US customers and the US market, we will strengthen the office and enhance our activities in the USA. In a first step we will exhibit at NAB 2010.”

Andreas Gruettner has a reputation for successfully restructuring companies that have been taken over. He has identified the company’s main growth potential as being in the international Public Address system market. He plans to “boost KLOTZ DIGITAL’s position in the industry, and to increase its economic efficiency,” but says there will be no drastic strategic changes in the short term.

The takeover Media Release says:

“KLOTZ DIGITAL AG will sustain its leading role on the international broadcast market. The take over strategy will on one hand support the company’s market position and also initiate innovations to strengthen its competitiveness.”

UnitedScreens Media AG was founded in September 1999. Its business focus is to combine information, entertainment and advertisements and bring them to the out-of-home consumer using the most modern technology.

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