Singo’s new Melbourne station’s call sign revealed

Steve Price has used his Sunday Herald-Sun column to reveal the call sign that will replace 3MP to signpost Melbourne’s new talk station. It will be known as MTR 1377, MTR standing for Melbourne Talk Radio.

Price will anchor MTR’s breakfast program which will run for four hours starting at 6am. Two-and-a-half hours against Ross Stevenson and John Burns and 90 minutes against Neil Mitchell.

Although they failed to entice Mitchell away from AW, MTR has been successful in snaring Sam Newman, Jason Akermanis and Andrew Bolt. Price also boasts, “We are talking to plenty of others including the talented Steve Vizard, who we hope will join us on air and we’ll likely make an announcement about his role on the station soon.”

Price is also quick to dismiss persistent rumours that 2GB stars Alan Jones and Ray Hadley will be networked into Melbourne saying, “We won’t be doing that, but we will be using their talent on the station. Hadley will report daily from Sydney on what’s making news there and Jones’s views on national politics can’t be ignored.”

Read the whole Steve Price column.