Kyle and Jackie caught in lift prank

Kyle and Jackie got a taste of their own medicine when their intern pranked them.
In a prank reminiscent of a story we ran a while ago, Intern Pete paid back the breakfast duo after a series of pranks played on him recently.

Kyle and Jackie were stuck in the office lift for almost an hour, with Pete in control via a walkie talkie. To capture it all, Pete rigged the elevator with a camera and audio.

This stunt is the latest in a series of pranks played on members of the KIIS team.

Intern Pete has been crowned the office prankster, but recently Kyle and Jackie turned the tables on him. Pete has been slimed, sprayed with water cannons, had a fire extinguisher released in a lift and also had his car filled with 10,000 ping pong balls. So, Kyle and Jackie were probably due for some payback.

Check out Kyle and Jackie doing star jumps, surviving a stink bomb attack and rationing chips and chocolate during their hour-long imprisonment.

On this morning’s show, Kyle took a sickie and stayed home with a migraine. Tim Dormer filled in for him.


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