Kyle & Jackie O go national as ARN rolls out their big names across the regional network

ARN’s biggest KIIS and PURE GOLD Network shows are now broadcast nation-wide with the networks leading programs syndicated across the country via ARN’s owned and repped regional stations.


The familiar faces and voices of KIIS Network’s Kyle & Jackie O and Will & Woody along with PURE GOLD’s Jonesy & Amanda and Christian O’Connell, will expand their reach and listenership to complement ARN’s commitment to live and localised approaches across its regional stations.


All ARN regional stations will continue to broadcast local content, boosted with a curated selection of ARN’s survey topping metro-based shows.


ARN’s Chief Content Officer, Duncan Campbell (pictured), says, “Live and local content is still well and truly at the heart of ARN. With over 100 breakfast teams now sitting under the ARN umbrella, we are passionate about, and committed to continuing to create content that each community wants to hear.”


Each show been strategically selected, using the expertise of both the regional and metro teams, to appear on stations with complementary content and audiences.


Kyle & Jackie O’s Hour of Power show is streamed to an additional 21 regional stations, Will & Woody’s drive show will now be broadcast across 19 additional regional stations, and a streamlined GOLD programming of The Christian O’Connell Show and Jonesy & Amanda’s JAM Nation will now also be syndicated across an additional 29 and 18 regional stations respectively.


Group Content Director – Regional, Ryan Rathbone says, “The addition of these highly entertaining and popular national shows to the regional line-ups will further strengthen the listening experience for our audiences, and the content should inspire the next generation of stars who are currently shaping the sound of regional radio.”

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