Late, Late Breakfast Show

For those night owls who can’t quite get up early enough for breakfast radio, Edge Fm Wangaratta has come up with the perfect solution.

The Late Late Brekky Show with Nick and Inga, was created when the latter joined the Edge FM team, primarily to write copy, voice ads, and do the 10am-2pm shift.

Full of enthusiasm and fresh from ‘radio school’, Inga was keen to learn as much as possible, including working on air with another person, doing interviews, plus she saw a void in the 6-9pm timeslot. There was only music from 6-8, then the ‘Top 8 At Eight’.

She approached the breakfast announcer to join her, hence the name, The Late Late Brekky Show. Previously, all the other timeslots on Edge FM had only one announcer. So, a musically based show, focusing on younger listeners, was born!

The show incorporates the same weekly segments such as trivia questions, twisted trivia, tours, movies in the pipeline, new releases and any interviews which pop up. Musically, Monday night is ‘Hit Pick’; Tuesdays, ‘UK no 1’; Wednesdays, ‘US #1’; Thursdays, ‘either Nick or Inga’s Pick’; and Fridays, ‘Preview Pick’.

The Late Late Brekky Show has also just been syndicated with Edge FM’s sister station, 102.5 FM Deniliquin.