Let them eat cake

60 solid surveys at number 1 is something to celebrate and what better way to mark the occasion than to eat cake.

2GB’s Chris Smith has enjoyed over 7 and a half years at the top but rather than talk himself up credits his success to fellow stable mates Alan Jones and Ray Hadley.

“…when I had my training wheels on in the first five years I was propped up by those two, you learn from people you listen to day in day out and I have learnt from them”.

Alan Jones was there to help Chris cut the cake saying,

“ There are people in our industry that  work tirelessly, devotedly and passionately their entire careers and never rate number one, so to do it 60 times is a true credit to Chris”.

Remaining humble Chris says he’s just “one of the cogs in the wheel” at 2GB and will be putting the milestone into perspective as the station heads into what he describes as an exciting year, with 2GB preparing to merge with 2UE after 90 years of close rivalry.

And for the record Alan has won 185 surveys, 102 consecutively. That’s a lot of cake.

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