New website promises radio promotions teams they never have to write another prize pitch again

Prize Pig has relaunched this week and is now designed to fill the prize schedule of any media benchmark or survey promotion with just two clicks. With over 100 prize partners ready with products, Prize Pig is a free service for any media outlet.

Prize Pig’s Founder and CEO Amanda Westphal says,

“Prize Pig allows businesses to be introduced to the media landscape without a major investment. It’s a win win solution for any radio station looking to fill their benchmark spots, and start relationships with growing prize providers”.

Since relaunching this week, Prize Pig is now partnering with metro, regional and provincial outlets across the country and are calling out for more radio stations to join the pig pen.

As an additional service for radio, Prize Pig has also released Premium Pig; featuring a range of major prizes available for survey promotions.

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