Listen to the world of radio via the International Space Station

The ISS circles the Earth about every 90 minutes and picks up signals from the radio stations it flies over.

You’re also treated to a hi-definition view of the Earth as it whizzes past below.

A web site has been set up to simulate the stations it hears as it passes overhead.

The site itself is pretty simple. Once you visit, apart from the view from the ISS live camera at Ustream, you can watch the position of the space station on a map, as it streams terrestrial radio stations on the ground. If there’s more than one available, you can choose among them, and as the ISS moves around the planet, the radio stations change based on its position.

Of course, this isn’t quite “what the ISS hears,” since that’s a bit more complicated, but it is a fun little experiment to see what they may be hearing if they were to tune in to terrestrial radio somehow.

Hit this link to give it a try and see what you can hear.