Lottery winner thinks he’s been pranked

Melbourne’s GOLD 104.3 has given away a stunning $2.7 million home in Hampton to Sanko Sekulovski from Sunshine West.
Sanko bought a ticket in the Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery, which has been running since 2005 to support patient care and medical research.

GOLD 104.3 breakfast hosts Jo & Lehmo, who are ambassadors for the charity,  were all set to announce live on air that Sanko was the winner but things didn’t quite go to plan when they couldn’t get hold of him.
Not to be discouraged, the team managed to track down his son Josh (who missed the first few calls because he was asleep) and then had him break the news live on-air to his Dad – who thought it was a prank at first
The family took their first look at their new home, which is custom designed with four bedrooms and three living areas and comes completely furnished today.
This year’s home lottery sold out in just 23 days and a total of 4,310 Prizes have been won.


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