Loyal radio listener wins Lexus

2CH listener, Patricia from Hurstville has walked away with a Brand New CT200h Lexus as part of Sydney’s 2CH Unlock a Lexus Campaign.

Listeners were required to register online at 2ch.com.au, then listen all day with Gareth McCray, Bob Rogers, Kel Richards and Ian Rogerson for their name to be called out for their chance to be placed in the Major Prize Draw.

It culminated with an outside broadcast over the weekend with 84 listeners in attendance hoping their lucky key would be the one to “Unlock the Lexus”.

Ian Rogerson called Patricia up for her attempt, she was number 74 in the order of people to attempt the “Unlock the Lexus”, and coincidentally picked out Key Number 74 from a glass bowl of remaining keys.

Patricia said, “I actually had a dream the other night that was staying in a hotel on Level 4, Room 7, so I think 74 is my new lucky number!”.

Gareth McCray, 2CH Breakfast Announcer, said, “Patricia is a very happy member of the Sydney’s 2CH family, and the event today was truly remarkable and shows what a wonderful relationship our radio station can have with not only the listener, but also the commercial company”.


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