Making quality decisions: Rob Pyne at #CRAConf 2014

“Quality decisions are made by companies that have a process in place with multiple options, honest dialogue and input based on skill not rank,” according to Rob Pyne, who spoke at this year’s National Radio Conference.
From his analysis of business decision making processes, Pyne has found that our appetite for risk is less desirable late in the day and that poor decisions are impacted by vested interests, ego and emotion.
When making decisions in a crisis, companies should not make assumptions, they should use the corporate values of the organisation, and think long term rather than short term crisis reactive responses.
“When you’re under pressure, be the best person you can be,” he told conference delegates.  Use zoom-in zoom-out techniques to solve problems in a crisis. “Zoom in and talk to people who have had the experience. Zoom out and research all the data.”
“Better decisions, less revisions,” is his mantra.
Key points from Pyne’s presentation include:

  • Are you using your values? What would your ideal self do?
  • What is the Problem?
  • Do you have Alternatives?
  • Assumption Testing – zoom in zoom out strategy.
  • Emotional Holiday – take a step back/view objectively “if x was in that situation what would you do?”
  • Scenario plan – A pre-mortem, surface risks. 

Contact details: Rob Pyne, X or Y Decisions.

radioinfo reporter: Kim Becherand.

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