Malcolm Turnbull no friend of the ABC say ABC Friends

In response to serious funding cuts inflicted on the ABC, the ABC today announced significant cuts to its service and the loss of more than 400 jobs. 


“We are dismayed at the damage that this government is inflicting on the ABC,” said Glenys Stradijot, ABC Friends National spokesperson. 

“The Government was given no mandate to destroy the national public broadcaster. Yet that’s what it has set about doing.

“We now know the Government’s cuts will have a devastating impact on the national broadcaster’s capacity to do its job. The ABC will be unable to fulfil its charter obligations or meet its responsibility to be a truly national public broadcaster which services Australians across the country.

Malcolm Turnbull has been a huge disappointment. His actions have not matched his rhetoric. He has revealed himself to be no friend of the ABC. 

“Minister Turnbull’s earlier assurances that his so-called efficiency measures would not affect services and programming have turned out to be as dishonest as the Prime Minister’s pre-election promise not to cut the ABC.

“A cynical person might think that Mr Turnbull is looking towards his next leadership challenge, that he is delivering up the ABC to impress his colleagues and buy Murdoch media support.” said Glenys Stradijot.

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