Margaret Throsby – Four Fill Ins in Four Weeks

ABC Classic FM’s Margaret Throsby is taking a month off and, from today, has asked four special guests to fill her daily interview slot from 10-11am.

Program Manager, John Crawford, says: “The network is thrilled to welcome four accomplished communicators who will undoubtedly provide ABC Classic FM listeners with some captivating radio in Margaret’s absence.”

First in the hot seat this week is SBS chief newsreader, Mary Kostakidis, who says it is an honour to be sitting in Throsby’s chair.

“Over the years, I’ve enjoyed listening to her interviews, exploring what drives people to do what they do. It’ll be a change for me – my interviews rarely go more than 1.30. I’m a devotee of Classic FM and am very much looking forward to joining ABC Radio for a week.”

From 22-26 November, Rob Sitch of ‘The Panel’ hosts The Morning Interview.

“I really enjoy the long form radio interview as a listener and as a guest. It provides an antidote to the simple views we all have about public figures.

“I appreciate the invitation to guest host the show. The fact that I was chosen at random from the electoral roll doesn’t diminish the compliment!”

One of Australia’s foremost playwrights, David Williamson, takes the chair from 29 November-3 December.

“I’ve long been an admirer of Margaret and her show. The combination of personal history honestly revealed and excellent music is irresistible.

“The memories evoked by the choice of the music tend to lead to a depth of response that is rare. Of course, it’s Margaret’s particular skill to draw out that honesty of response and I don’t hope or pretend to equal her finesse, but the chance to find out more about people I find interesting and admire was one that was hard to turn down.”

Jana Wendt, ‘Sunday’ host and classical music devotee, will host the program from 6-10 December and is delighted to talkwith some fascinating guests about what motivates them, what moves them and, in particular, why they love music.

“The pleasure people derive from music very often provides the key to their personality because it uncovers their passion. It’s a rare privilege to be able to spend an hour or so, with people in public life and to get a sense of who they are, beyond their public image.”

Margaret Throsby returns to Classic FM from 24 January.